Monday, 4 June 2012


Allot has been said about the absence of hiv and aids cure, if you are reading this it is important to know that a lot of scientist all over the world have tried to come up with a remedy for hiv aids only for some their efforts to save lives have been  dismissed by international agencies. In the past we have heard of scientist who invented formula for hiv aids whose efficacy was right and good for hiv aids patients but what happened the international agency and bureaus that i am obliged not to mention said that the drug was working but was disapproved from what they prefer as unknown side effects, in short some of this drugs are dismissed because their negative side effects are not yet known but the truth of the matter is that they cure. Think of Dr. Athur Obel a researcher and lecturer from Kenya whose drug for aids was rejected by the agencies. With my knowledge i have come up with a formula tried and tested practically by the locals but still has not been submitted to the world known agencies for fear of unfair scrutiny. The formula is a synergist with both interactions of conventional and herbal drugs. How the drug works is simple; just by raising the immune cells, T-cells, CD4 among other cells involved in immunological system. The formula is a three month programme that is guaranteed in elevating the CD4 cells, once you purchase the drug we send you with a prescription and advice you to have your CD4 cells checked at the end of 2nd month while on this awesome hiv drug. We treat but God heals, we send back your money if not satisfied with the results.
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Thursday, 17 May 2012


 Are you a sport enthusiast or an athlete wishing to loss or maintain weight or just a regular guy in dire need to lose weight in a safe, effective, and natural way? Well, look no further and start losing weight fast with the new scientifically proven nuratrim. Nuratrim in the media is a boon to all, think of want to be models and super models in the field of fashion and modelling all want to stay slim, healthy and up to the standards of the profession that’s why nuratrim is a prerequisite for them. With its fast metabolic rate nuratrim will lead to dramatic weight loss.

 There are many reasons as to why nuratrim in the media has become a keyword in search engine reporting huge traffic in almost all weight loss selling products in the net. Nuratrim helps reduce weight and prevents from pigging due to the fact that it contains unique formula known as glucomannan that increase and grow large in the stomach; this organic component plays a key role in helping reduce the appetite especially when taken from 1 to 5 grams a day. Nuratrim is made from natural ingredients that have no known side effects. The ingredients in nuratrim are well formulated to work right away helping you save money and time.

 Nuratrim has become the most popular weight loss product this year with the key element being the in cooperation of glucomannan a compound taken from konjac seeds that has appetite suppressing effects. Users of nuratrim not only do they lose weight fast but with its contents of stress relievers elements same as those in dark chocolate leaves you feeling happier. Nuratrim is in the media because of all the right reasons beating all other supplements that have been in shelves for decades and whose efficacy has not come near this awesome new product. Nuratrim is formulated in different forms from diet pill, powder and in liquid form.

 It has been proved that nuratrim taken to precision will help reduce weight up to by almost 20 percent, thanks to its ability to increase metabolic rate as well as reducing hunger. By eating less the body is enabled to use the reserves that are stored under the skin as fat in producing the energy therefore, you don’t become a culprit of obese. Consequently there is reduced cholesterol when consuming nuratrim. In brief nuratrim keeps cholesterol at bay, too much of cholesterol is detrimental to human health, and is associated with heart attacks, diabetes, and stroke, obese among other life threatening diseases.

 Read nuratrim in the media and you will see how blended the product is, from capsicum obtained from red peppers, green coffee to glucomannan extracts nothing overtakes this supplement considering it is all natural and up to standards. Next time you think of losing weight fast without necessarily having to work at the gym think no other supplement for slimming. Nuratrim produces great results in less time, the advantage is that you burn fat while resting hence achieving your health and fitness goals with the product.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011



Many HIV AIDS patients and home care givers will always ask what food should HIV AIDS patient eat and especially foods that will help HIV AIDS patient gain weight. With absence of cure, it is most important to control HIV AIDS symptoms, support the immune system, and lower the levels of HIV circulating in the blood. Living healthy with HIV AIDS and reducing or halting multiplication of HIV involves patients taking a prescribed combination of antiretroviral drugs. There are many healthy foods for HIV AIDS patient but the role played by nutrition varies along with the disease continuum with a lot of consideration given to the patient’s age, gender, behaviour, current medication, drug history, socio-economic status, and associated health concerns.

Diseases that are vulnerable to HIV includes; food poisoning such as those of shigella, salmonella, camphylobacter and other bacteria since the virus attacks the immune system therefore food-borne infections occur more frequently and more severe in people with reduced immunity, there are many supplements that help HIV compromised immune system to boost the immunity. Balanced diet for HIV patient is the key to a longetivity, in all cases HIV person should adequately hydrate themselves by taking lots of fluids and increase calories and protein intake to fight infection and maintain one’s healthy by not catching opportunistic diseases that are brought about by HIV. Proper nutrition is the pillar to good health in combating HIV AIDS and must begin immediately to support nutritional deficiencies that occur early in HIV patients, these nutritional deficiencies of HIV AIDS contribute to decreased immunity and disease progression.

Living healthy with HIV AIDS should begin once diagnosed to have the infection, balanced diet for HIV patient should include, ingesting proteins and complex carbohydrate along side with moderate amounts of fats, diet for HIV AIDS patient should include lean meat, fish, beans, seeds, whole grain breads, cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Fats are essential for production of energy; calories can be obtained from foods such as avocados, nuts, peanut butter, and seeds. Diet for HIV patient should include all of the five major food groups which includes; vegetables, dairy, meat, bread and fruits, fats and sugars should be used in small proportions. HIV patients with poor appetite should take many small meals of about 4-6 meals in a day, remedy for poor appetite could as well be given stimulants.

Diarrhoea in HIV AIDS patients results to a reduction in body’s water content and electrolyte imbalance, although electrolytes may be replaced by taking electrolyte adding drugs such as gatorate, patient is advised to take a mixture of dilute sugar and sodium chloride / table salt in water, to prevent weight loss in HIV increase amount of proteins and calories, avoid alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods and spices. In cases of extreme weight loss due to HIV, the patient may require to be put on steroids for quick protein synthesis and tissue development.

Other means of feeding HIV AIDS patient are devised where one is un able to pass food via the oral route that could be due to fungal growth in the oral cavity, inflamed gums, open sores, pain when swallowing and other intestinal tract problem. In such cases food may be given intravenously or via parenteral and enteral ways. But this depends on the condition and state of the patient.   


 There are many types of supplements both in food health stores as well as supplements online, before purchasing any supplements it is very important to know your nutritional needs, best online supplements dealers, and most importantly advise from your physician. Beware of counterfeit money making business online through sale of fake low quality supplements, before you shop or order supplements online have enough information to what you are buying.

Anabolic steroids are part of supplements that help in bodybuilding, anabolics can be prescribed when an individual body mass has deteriorated and consequently losing weight, abrupt lose of weight due to disease weakens the body. It is for this reason that a person with aids in prescribed to take anabolic steroids to help in recovery and build lean muscle mass. Steroids are a good source for protein synthesis when taken correctly and under a close eye of the doctor to limit or avoid negative effects of steroids. There are also other supplements that can help hiv victim gain weight in weeks while at the same time building lean muscle mass some of this are found in chemists, food store in your area and online stores. Some of protein supplements include; whey protein, mega mass protein supplement, amino acids supplement, egg protein supplement, soy protein supplement, and creatine supplement. Protein supplements come in many form but majority are in powdery form and a few in tablet form. While taking bodybuilding supplements it is worth performing set of moderate exercises that will help reduce fat while building lean muscle mass. Best exercises for reducing fat while at the same time building muscles are weight lifting exercises when done on regular basis. Other supplements that aid in better health are the vitamin supplements e.g. vitamin B complex, vitamin A, D, and E, Vitamin C is also essential but in trace amounts. Immune booster supplements should be part of a victim of hiv budget since they play key role in stabilizing and enhancing the ability of cells affected by the virus.

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